Aug 22: Bogachiel State Park to Willaby Campground at Lake Quinalt (66.6 miles)

Despite lots of bathroom interruptions in the evening, I slept really well! One time when I awoke I saw a few stars! That is a first in a while!

I got up early (my neighbors we’re already watching videos), ate breakfast and headed out.

The fog thickened as I passed the Hoh Rain Forest turn off – not on this trip. After about mile 20 I smelled the ocean and soon heard the crashing waves from Hwy 101, but even at the turnout for Ruby Beach (a big descent, so I skipped it) I could only see white fog. Better than smoke, though!

At last I saw the Pacific!

I arrived at my 30-mile rode destination, Kalaloch, by 9:30am! It turns out the campground does take in hiker/bikers, so I can stay here if needed.

I had “second breakfast” and met other bikers, Bob and Rita, who were headed to the next campground also – they had reserved a site and offered to let me join them if needed.

That was all I needed to commit to another 30+ miles to Willaby Campground on Lake Quinalt.

Heres my days route

Bob and Rita have been bike touring for years, and it started when their kids were young and wanted to go to Disneyland. They decided to bike there from Seattle! They’ve been biking ever since.

As I biked inland along the Quinalt river the air turned from fog to smoke. I arrived before Bob and Rita and checked out their site. It would be possible for me to cowboy camp on a slope or in the gravely parking spot, but would not be ideal.

There is no campground host on duty and the overflow area is for RV’s only! That just seems wrong! Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers!

While hanging out I met another couple from Seattle, Bob and Catherine, who are van camping and they offered to take me in! Here the are in front of the massive Cedar in their camp.

They reserved a lake front spot too! Sweet!

Not only that, but they are day tripping on electric bikes, so I got to recharge my electronics on their power cord

Bob and Catherine have most recently been working on building a school in tiny town at 12,000 feet elevation in north Ethiopia. Bob is a bricklayer by trade and, with the help of other volunteers, taught the locals how to quarry rock and mortar it into a building. Local eucalyptus was used for the joists. It took three years and everyone is quite pleased!

Tomorrow is another 65 mile day to Westhaven State Park in Westport, where I will again have to seek out bike friendly ranger policies or find friendly campers who will let me join them.

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