July 5: Hobart Peak to Howard Prairie Lake (PCT mile 1732 to 1749)

It was great to be back on the trail and I had no problem returning to trail life. I slept great and got up early. I came across a cool find: a Rubber Boa (Snake) on the trail.I also got a great view of the Mt. Ashland area that I hiked through last weekMy first water source this morning was Keene Creek that flows from the Little Hyatt Reservoir Although todays hike had very slight elevation changes, it was enough to irritate my shin. I was hiking speed was much slower than normal and downhill sections were painful. By noon it was clear to me that I needed to plan my exit strategy. The next water location was a large lake with a road. I headed for a private campground that is noted to be friendly to PCTers. I met the owners who informed me the entire site is rented out to a youth group that was arriving today. They offered me all the water I wanted and let me sit a bit. I explained my situation and asked about the best way to get to Ashland. He said the road along the lake has very little traffic, but it does connect to a busier road about 5 miles up that runs down to Ashland.I started hiking along the lake in the shade and after a mile or so it joined the road. They were quite right, there is very little traffic on this road. After a while, I finally heard a truck coming in stuck out my thumb– and the driver pulled over!As I limpingly-hurried to the truck, the driver got out and said “Are you the guy that was talking with my parents at the campground? They sent me to give you a ride!”. Wow, how cool is that! So many wonderful people!He dropped me off at the local Albertsons food market where I phoned Rob and Alice. While waiting for them a customer stopped to ask if I was a PCT hiker and if I was going to Canada. I replied that was on the PCT, but shin splints have driven me off the trail. He asked what I had been doing to treat it, and then asked if he could feel my shins. He noted the swelling and heat and suggested padding to raise the heel. It turns out he’s a Physical Therapist visiting from Washington.So now I’m back to being pampered byRob and Alice and figuring out how to best to get home so I can rest my leg and reassess my plans.I fear my PCT hike of 2018 may be over.

2 thoughts on “July 5: Hobart Peak to Howard Prairie Lake (PCT mile 1732 to 1749)”

  1. Sorry to hear that you have to suspend your journey. You gave it a great effort. Confident that you will return. Thanks for the inspiration!

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