July 4: Ashland to Hobart Peak (PCT mile 1717 to 1732)

Happy 4th of July! I decorated my pack for the occasion with a flag Rob bought meToday I will find out how healed I am after a week of resting, icing, etc. First a breakfast wit Rob and Alice and then we said our goodbyes, or see you later’s as I do intend to return to Ashland!It did not take too long to notice a slight pain in my shin. Luckily it did not get worse, it was just letting me know I still am not over this. I started later than normal, and this part of the trail has only a few marked campsites, so I ended up walking 14 miles today. I decided that was enough for my first day back, and besides, the next marked campsite is another 6 miles ahead.I did not capture many pictures today: the views were hazy due to low clouds, but that also kept the temperature very comfy for hiking.I did finally get a decent butterfly shotThanks for reading !

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