June 20: Scott Mountain Campground to just past Carter Meadows Summit on Hwy 93 (PCT miles 1560 to 1581)

My feet are still feeling great as I started climbing my morning hills. I started very early as evidenced by my very long shadow

Today is another day of fantastic views as I work myself north and west towards Etna.

The clouds kept building all day long until about 3:30 when they were darkening and I started hearing thunder. I quickly set up my tent and then watched for a few hours as the storm pass by to the south.

It was pretty much gone by 5:30 and had completely missed me. I thought about packing up and hiking further but decided to stay the night. I tried updating my blog but the cell strength was insufficient to allow photo uploads, so I got caught up on what’s happening with friends on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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