June 19: Upper Deadfall Lake to Scott Mountain Campground (PCT miles 1537 to 1560)

Today was another ridge walk day, some good hills, but the clouds kept the heat down.

I came across a very unusual plant, I think it may be a Pitcher Plant of some sort- bugs get attracted to them but become trapped inside and are digested

They grow in large numbers in marshy areas.

Another new plant was this one

It was growing all along the trail in a few sections. It looks like a tiny Yucca plant.

Late in the afternoon I walked right by my first rattlesnake of the year. It did not start rattling until I had passed.

I had only walked about a quarter mile before the next rattler found me. This time I only heard a loud exhaling noise the source of which I could not locate. Then I heard a very loud and nearby rattling. It was right next to my right leg. It was big too! I quickly jumped/ran forward and then cautiously returned to get photos.

I’m very lucky that it showed restraint and did not strike.

I camped at a public campground with a few car-campers. These campers were more respectful and the campground was silent by 9pm.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “June 19: Upper Deadfall Lake to Scott Mountain Campground (PCT miles 1537 to 1560)”

  1. Ok my brother, time to stop bothering the wildlife that has venom. Yeah, like you’re going to stop! Sounds like the problem was some broken down shoes huh? Glad to hear you are “more better”!! Loving the blog!!!!

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