Day 3 (May 23): Phipps Creek to Barker Pass

Day 3: Phipps Creek (1112.6) to Barker Pass (1124.8)

12 miles on the PCT from mile 1112.6 to 1124.8

It rained again over night, but had cleared by morning. My tent was wet but luckily my bag was dry.

I found a nice tent shaped boulder to dry it on:

With the warmth of the sun and having all dry stuff I was feeling good

My feet were just feeling dry when I got to Miller Creek. There was plenty of water moving fast and crossing it at the trail would mean getting into the thick of it.

Upstream it was wide and deep heading into a meadow and I could not see any logs to cross on. Downstream there was a log jammed up against a boulder that looked pretty good. The log was wet however, and a slip would mean falling into fast moving cold water. I remember the two hikers that drowned solo crossing streams and decided to keep looking. Further downstream there was a couple of large logs and sticks and mud and whatnot forming a bridge so I decided to cross there.

Halfway across was an island of mud and debris, or so I thought… I stepped on it only to have it collapse and my foot plunged into the stream. I resituated myself and continued on only to have the other foot slip off the log and take a dip in the stream. I made it across, but now have wet feet. Oh well.

I got my first proof I’m on the PCT

And because I started off below the snow line I saw some nice flowers, lichen and sprouts.

I also ran across the first lost Mylar balloon of the season:

I saw a lot of these last year…

The stream crossings today were not too difficult

And the snow crossings were not so bad.

But around 3 o’clock grey thundering clouds appeared and I decided to set up camp early. I would have liked to go another 3 miles or so.

I setup camp, ate dinner and then the rain started. Another early to bed day.

Thanks for reading!

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