Wednesday, April 26 — day 31

PCT mile 424.27 to 432 (where PCT is closed due to the Sand Fire),
Plus 14.5 miles hiking dirt and paved roads to rejoin the PCT at Mike 444

I digit to post last nights sunset.

Today I hike down to where the PCT is closed yet again, this time due to the 2016 Sand Fire.  From there I will hike on dirt roads and paved roads to rejoin the PCT at the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) in Acton.  Many PCTers are skipping this section and hitching rides down to the KOA, but I intend to hike this route so that’s what I did.

At some points the road was a wash.

I saw lots of flowers!

And saw this little bunch of flowers

And then a few miles down the road I found a much bigger version

I also found Manzanita in bloom

And Manzanita fruits (Manzanita means “Little Apple”)

And a Sphinx Moth (deceased)

And bones –coyote?

The road I am following will get me way down there where Acton is.

I found the tracks of a snake crossing my he road but was unable to find it

A few miles later I did find this rattler

Just before arriving at the KOA I passed a Big Cat Sanctuary that takes in injured or mistreated lions and tigers.  They were too far away to get a good shot. 
There were quite a few PCTers at the KOA.  We all raided the store, took hot showers — do you think I need one?

We set up tents in the grass but I did not sleep so well due to the busy train tacks nearby.

Tomorrow is a short day to Hiker Heaven – a residence that opens their backyard and house to PCT hikers.  I have a food resupply waiting for me!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 26 — day 31”

  1. Hi Dale! I really am enjoying your PCT blog. I love that you focus on the plants and animals.
    Have a wonderful time, Diane


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