Thursday, April 27 — day 32

PCT mile 444 to 454.5

I got up early today after the n’th train went by.  I quickly packed and took off.  Today’s destination is Agua Dulce, specifically the home of the Saffleys, known as Hiker Heaven.

But first I cross over the ridge between Acton and Agua Dulce.  I was followed by some ravens.

Along the way I came upon the memorial marking the last section of the PCT being completed

The hills were quite pretty in the morning light

I got to cross under Hwy 14 through that loooong tunnel.

And when I emerged I was in the Vasquez Rocks Count Park, which is an awesome place!

There were some cool flowers too

And California Junipers

At Hiker Heaven I got my clothes washed, opened and sorted my resupply food, showered, recharged my phone, battery and GPS, and ate and ate.

Oh, and I brought my blog up to date.  Tomorrow I may hike out or stay for a zero — not sure yet…

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Thursday, April 27 — day 32”

  1. Do you know you took a picture of Captain Kirk v Gorn fight rock?


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