Wednesday Apr 12 — day 17

PCT mile 225.94 to 239.95

Today will be a tough day – I’ll be hiking uphill for 15 miles out of the desert of elevation 3,100 feet to the forest at an elevation of 7,900 feet…  but I have water along the whole way, 

The trail follows Mission Creek to it source spring. 

 Along the way the creek is sometimes running exposed over rocks and sage and other times under canopies of Cottonwood Trees.

It turned out to be a hot day so lots of water/shade breaks and breaking out the sun-brella!  

I saw this fierce looking Alligator Lizard at one such water/shade break.  I was surprised how close I could get to him.

The “Lake Fire” of 2015 hit this area pretty hard and forced the closure of the trail in this area last year.  Happily the Foredstry Dept (I think) have cut or removed many of the downed trees and restored the trail where it was eroded.

I saw another great view of Mt. San Jacinto where I was just days ago.

Ok, here’s the colors of the day – first, a nice mix of stream moss and willow roots

And some flowers and cattails 

I arrived at the Mission Creek Spring Campground and found the spring delivering copious amounts of clear, cold water.  This is where I camped tonight.

Thanks for reading!

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