Thursday Apr 13 — day 18

PCT mile 239.95 to 259.37
It was a cold night but my sleeping bag kept me warm.  Today will be more up and down ridge crossing as I make my way North towards Big Bear.  The whole day will be in pine forests and high desert scrub and oaks, so lots of shade.  

I saw PCT hiker Eric today but we were off sync on breaks so once again hiked alone all day.  I expect I’ll see him and others in Big Bear.

I got a great view of Mt San Gorgonio

And also got a view of the next mountain range I’m headed to near Wrightwood.  Note the cloud layer over the inland empire.

I have to deal with snow again, but now it’s only intermittent icy drifts with deeper footprints making traversing much easier than on Fuller Ridge.

You are not going to believe me but I saw Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!) — a guy who lives up here keeps these animals for use in Hollywood productions.  They looked rather sad and terribly bored to me. The lion was too far away to photograph but he was there!

Up over another ridge and I saw the outskirts of Big Bear!

A few miles on and I ran into another Trail Magic spot- sodas, bananas, cookies and a sofa!  Too good to pass up!

I hiked to a nice, breezy ridge just 6 miles from a highway that leads to Big Bear.  The sun is still up but it is so cold my finger are freezing (and my gloves will not let me peck out the chacters on my cell phone).  I climbed into my sleeping bag while wearing my down jacket and fell asleep before sunset.  It was so cold over night that I sinched the sleeping bag hood over my head leaving only a tiny hole for me to breathe through.  My water bottle partially froze.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Apr 13 — day 18”

  1. Ah, the scenery is gorgeous. Glad you’re staying warm enough – and that it’s still too cold in some places for the sneaky reptiles.
    I feel bad for those animals, though I am happy they were well contained whilst you were passing thru. 😉
    Do you have a “voice-to-text” feature on your phone? Just an idea to help keep your fingers inside your warm gloves and still be able to provide your excellent updates. Stay safe! 😊👍🏻


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