Saturday April 8 – day 13

Zero day – no PCT miles

Today I awoke to the sound of rain and was glad to be streatched way out in a warm bed.  Today was filled with errands in anticipation of departing tomorrow:

  • Sort the food and supplies,
  • Fill a box of excess food and supplies I no longer need,
  • Talk with the local Rangers (both the San Bernardino Forest and San Jacinto Park Rangers) to find out trail and weather conditions,
  • Find a bike store to get a bike tube repair kit to devour the Velcro tabs to my shoes that my gaiters connect to,
  • Oh, and get another salad and beer!

I ran into Abi on my excursions — she arrived today and will take a zero tomorrow.  I also ran into a fre more PCTers – were planning on meeting up for dinner.

My food bag, even trimmed is huge and heavy.  Sigh.  Tomorrow I hike a few thousand feet up the Devils Slide trail into the San Jacinto wilderness and trail conditions allowing, maybe summiting the peak.

This may be my last post for a few days, possibly until I reach Big Bear Lake.

Thanks for reading.

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