Aug 29: Miners Creek to campsite near Pass Creek (PCT miles 2545.0 to 2568.2)

I packed up and hiked up and over a 3,000 foot ridge.  It is finally not bothering me so much that I have large climbs.  My shin is doing fine and only complaining every now and then, the weather is not too hot and the trail is smooth with more great views.



I also came across a late-blooming flower and a tree/shrub with autumn-colored leaves


I passed through an area that burned last year and closed the PCT.


I arrived at my targeted camp site and found that two other hikers, “More Food” and “Moni”, beat me there.  I found a camp site above theirs on a moss-covered domed rock.  It looked like it might rain, so I gathered some large stones to anchor my tent’s rain fly should I need it.

I joined More Food (Patrizia from Switzerland) and Moni (Monika from Germany) for dinner.  I really nice talking with them.  I learned that More Food is always short of food.  I grabbed my food back and offered her some of my extra food items, which she took all of: Fritos, Snickers, candy and Oreos.  It was great to be a traveling Trail Angel, like Metric Ton, but without carrying quite so much gear!

I mentioned that the clouds looked a bit like rain, but we all convinced ourselves that it wont.  At about midnight I felt drops on my face and quickly put the rain tarp on my tent.  The stones held the fly in place and all was well.

Tomorrow I will arrive in Stehekin for my final resupply!

Thanks for reading!

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