Aug 27: Reflection Pond to Mica Lake (PCT miles 2500.7 to 2521.3)

Today is another set of ridge walks, mostly above the tree line.  There’s plenty of water too, yay!



I hiked past a marmot den right on the trail and the young marmots were very interested in me – I’ve never been able to get this close to a marmot before


One of the water crossings had a collapsed bridge that looked scarier than it was.  Here we get to watch “Pineapple” cross in front of me.  Note the water: lots of silt and glacial milk from melting glaciers on Glacier Peak.

I passed around the other side of Glacier Peak – which has been hidden from me behind the ridges I hiked.  This is the last high peak on the trail.


I arrived at Mica Lake, which was my favorite lake in Washington.  The water is super clear, deep and not too cold.  My swim there was fantastic!


The stars tonight were great: no moon tonight so the Milky Way as bright and there were some nice shooting stars.

Thanks for reading!

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