Aug 7: Lava Spring to Cispus River (PCT mile 2250.0 to 2272.9)

It did not rain last night. I left the rain fly door open which gave me a great breeze.

I got up early to hike in the cool of the morning. I got another view of the Fisher running down the trail away from me. So cool!

The trail took me through an area of many ponds. The mosquitoes were so bad I had to put my full mosquito armor: pant legs, long shirt and netting on my head and hands. It was crazy and must have lasted 10 miles or so. Finally I crested a ridge and was back in an area with a more normal amount of mosquitoes.

I’m excited to be hiking in the high country again where there are more views, meadows and breezes. It’s still early enough in the year that many seasonal creeks have water, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

I got a glimpse of Mt Rainer today.

Passed through many high meadows

And entered the Goat Rocks area

The mountains are layered looking west

Rain clouds have been building all afternoon and distant thunder has been booming. It mostly seems to be on the other side of the ridge, but every now and then the clouds creep on this side.

I am camped at a site a few hundred yards down from the trail. It is a small site in a few trees and I hope the distance from the trail will help me keep it to myself tonight.

I washed up in the stream, had dinner and then it started sprinkling. I set up the rain fly, but it soon stopped and now all the clouds are gone, so off comes the rain fly.

Thanks for reading!

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