July 20: Shelter Cove on Odell Lake to Charleton Lake (PCT mile 1806.2 to 1925.1)

I’m not sure how I forgot to mention it, but there are virtually no mosquitoes in Shelter Cove. I think the RV friendly business here might be doing something to keep the mosquito population down. So nice to wear short sleeves and no big net!

I met an Oregonian couple, both USPS mail delivery people, who are hiking Oregon this year. We seem to get along and so plan to hike together today.

It seems I lost one of my winter gloves (used as mosquito protection) on my way into Shelter Cove yesterday. A hiker spotted it about 1/3 mile back on the trail. I will be needing that glove, so I’ll be headed south and try to catch up with my new hiking buddies.

I found my glove, but hiked alone all day– it seems that daily delivering mail on a nine mile route can make you a fast hiker. Faster than me, anyways.

I saw some nice flowers

And a cool fungus

I also saw my first lizard

There are plenty of mosquitoes again, and still lots of green tunnel, but I finally arrived at Charleston Lake about an hour after my new friends.

I went for a swim and it felt great!

Nice campsite!

Nearby, there was a large group who arrived by car and had quite a cap setup. They and their dogs were quite noisy for some time, but luckily I brought earplugs. I fell asleep easily and well after dark found it all quiet again.

Thanks for reading!

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