Sept 25: San Elijo State Beach to the Mexican Border! (54.7 miles)

I captured a nice slim sunset last night

I actually did not sleep so well after all, I’m thinking it was due to the excitement of this journey’s imminent conclusion. I got up early and headed out.

I had one last big hill on this trip: Torrey Pines Road. I sweated up it and navigated my way to La Jolla. The beach wildlife was waiting for me

In La Jolla Cove

A few more miles down the road I boarded the Coronado Island ferry because the brig bridge is closed to bicyclers. I got a fuzzy picture of the famous WWII Victory Kiss statue. Worth noting that a man named Glenn McDuffie claims to be the sailor.

I got a great view of the San Diego skyline

I had a nice tailwind from Coronado south and east to the border. I cranked through the quiet streets until I finally arrived at the border with Mexico!

This trip is now complete, and while it was not the PCT, I’m still pretty darn happy and proud of myself.

Yay! Now I just got to work out my get-back-home strategy.

15 thoughts on “Sept 25: San Elijo State Beach to the Mexican Border! (54.7 miles)”

  1. Great job. So What’s Next? Everest! Since you are in San Diego, you could do the San Diego to Maine trip. Keep me posted. I might have to join you. For God’s sake, just don’t go and get a job. Safe travels back home, however, you decide to get there.

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  2. Dale,
    Congrats on completing a task that would put me into the hospital! Enjoyed your posts and pix very much. The end of your trip took you into my childhood areas where I spent many summer days (La Jolla Cove & Beaches).
    I recently took photos of the Mary D Hume boat and will send to you.
    Thanks again for sharing the adventure!


  3. Wow! Outstanding accomplishment between the hike and the bike. You are an inspiration. Given your desire to take on challenges what is next? Maybe Elon Musk is looking for someone to captain one of his SpaceX ships!

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