Sep 14: Half Moon Bay State Park to Santa Cruz Bus Station (54.1 miles)

The raccoons were very active last night and even came up to my tent looking for food. What little food I had was locked safely away in the cupboard.

I awoke and hit the road: I am meeting a former coworker and good friend Lisa for breakfast! Fresh fruit, yogurt, granola,cookies, beautiful ocean location and Lisa! What’s not to Love!

After breakfast it was a beautiful beachfront ride to the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

through ocean scrub

And farmland. This area is a major producer of Brussel Sprouts

Before long I was in Santa Cruz enjoying a beautiful view of pelicans feeding


And a Humpback Whale breaching (no photo though). It was a fantastic welcoming to Santa Cruz!

I rode to the transit station to find out when I could catch a bus to San Jose and found one loading up, so I joined. I arrived home in Los Gatos for a day and a half to tune my bike, do laundry and see Liz!

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