Sep 12: Bodega Dunes State Park to Samuel P. Taylor State Park (43.0 miles)

Last night us bikers swapped stories and found one common experience: after leaving Leggett on Hwy 1, we were all chased by dogs– the same two dogs! When I passed through, I heard them barking and running after me but I was spared a more personal encounter. Noor, Mary and Susan each had one of them bite onto one of their rear panniers.

Mary is a poor college student working on her PhD, we discussed the Leggett, Little River and Jenner Grade hills and I commented how glad I was to install my 22-tooth granny gear before the trip. Mary looked confused and we compared her bike to mine. She has a stock set of gears: her smallest front gear is 30 tooth front gear and did the same hills I did without stopping. She’s maybe 100 lbs soaking wet, but, Noor pointed out, “She’s young and we’re less so”. So true.

Today’s route is down Hwy 1 inland and then back to the ocean along Tomales Bay, and then turn inland for the last few miles.

Our first objective was to find a highly recommended bakery in Bodega Bay called “The Roadhouse”. The Jenner Visitor Center Docents had told us the cinnamon rolls were great.

We arrived early and found that the owner/baker had (only) made Cherry-Almond Scones today. And it seemed to me that he had only made a dozen. We each bought one and I have to say it was a fantastic scone!

The small shop was filled with interesting odds and ends, including the obligatory signed photo of Tippy Hedren on the set of “The Birds”, but it also had this iconic piece of “French” art (French because the crate was stamped fra-gi-le). If you do not understand any of that, then you must watch the classic movie “A Christmas Story”. Ahhh, the warm glow of electric sex!

We set off again and soon found ourselves in the small town of Tomales, where we spied another bakery, this one with a variety of tasty looking items. We had second breakfast before moving on.

It was mostly downhill from the town of Tomales to Tomales Bay, but we were facing a strong headwind and had to pedal downhill to make progress. We finally made it to the bay and around a few corners and the wind became our friend again.

Tomales Bay is a North-South channel formed by activity on the San Andreas Fault. It separates the Point Reyes Peninsula from the mainland, and is a big Oyster farming area. The black dots in the photo below are the floats for the oyster plates.

There were a lot of hills today, here’s Noor tackling one with ease.

We arrived at the town of Point Reyes Station in time for lunch and then visited the Cowgirl Creamery where we we lucky enough to see cheese production in progress:

We needed to collect our dinner and decided to share a variety of snacks, including cheese, bread, salmon, salads and a local Pinot Noir.

It has been overcast and a bit chilly all day, and we saw no sign of the fire that is burning somewhere nearby. The power is out in the campground, so the showers are dark and cold. There was a dew last night so I decided to use my rainfly tonight.

Tomorrow we bike across the Golden Gate Bridge where Noor and others are staying, but I will continue south to Half Moon Bay. It will be a 65+ mile day for me.

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