Sep 3: Harris Beach State Park In Oregon to Elk Prairie Campground in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in CA (69.4 miles)

I slept great: in bed by 7pm and awoke at about 7am. Today will be a long day and includes the second longest uphill of this route.

Last night I hiked up to the beach view area on top of a small hill. Here are three views: looking south, west and north

It was a pleasantly flattish ride to the Oregon and California border and I kept my eye out for a Welcome to CA sign, but if there is one then I missed it. Next stop was Crescent City, the last place where I can buy lunch, dinner and breakfast.

The views just don’t stop

After Crescent City I have a very big hill to climb, about 1300 feet. I made good use of my granny gear and utilized as many turnouts as I could to recharge before the next push. Climbing at only 5 MPH ensures that I get to enjoy this hill for a good long time. At least the forest offered a lot of shade.

When I finally did reach the long downhill part I hit a max speed of 40 MPH, all of he way back down to the ocean

I came across the Trees of Mystery and their giant Paul Bunyan and Babe, his Blue Ox statues. Paul greets everyone (there’s a guy in side) and can wave.

Another big climb at mile 60 was very tiring, but then I had a nine mile downhill ride through giant Redwoods. Here’s my bike next to one that was nowhere near the biggest. Truly impressive trees.

I arrived at Elk Prairie Campground in time to shower and eat before the sun set. I met a new set of bike tourists, from England and Germany.

I’m beat and am pretty sure I’ll sleep well!

2 thoughts on “Sep 3: Harris Beach State Park In Oregon to Elk Prairie Campground in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in CA (69.4 miles)”

  1. Dave,
    We met you at the train station in Seattle (on your way to Vancouver). Its been fun to follow you on your trip. Best to you and continued safe travels!

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