Aug 26: Waiting out the rain in Fort Stevens State Park (0 miles)

The bigger storm is supposed to hit today and while I probably could pack up all my wet gear, bike the 50+ miles to Nehalem State Park, I decided to stay. Packing wed, muddy gear only once sounds like a better plan.

It was still sprinkling when I got up an biked across the street where the KOA has fresh coffee, a nice fire, Wi-Fi and a really friendly KOA Ambassador (greeter). The fire is continually stoked with the leftover unburnt, burnt, and even still-burning logs from vacated campsites.

I ate my granola bars and banana, updated my blog and reading my book.

This KOA is the second largest (Zion being the largest) and hosts 300 campsites and employs 90 people! Before now, I always thought of KOA as Mom-n-Pop run places.

I decided to explore some of the parks sights: the rusting remains of the wreck of the Peter Iredale which ran aground in 1906 (112 years ago!)

And take a walk on the beach

I also visited Battery Russel, built during the Civil War. Here’s the Commander’s Station

And the Battery

It started raining at 4, so I had an early dinner and climbed into the tent to read and have an early bedtime.

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