Aug 20: Dungeness Campground (Sequim) to Fairborn Campground (Olympic National Park) (52.6 miles)

First an update on on the CBD- it worked! I had no shoulder pain all night. I’ll try a placebo treatment to verify sometime.

Today’s ride is due west across Washington’s northern coast, the border with Canada ‘s Victoria Island.

It was a smoky morning. I left the campground around 8am and caught up with the Olympic Discovery Trail, the same hiker/biker trail I rode yesterday, and followed it to Port Angeles. It’s a rural route through farms

And green tunnels

Along the way I spotted someone’s troll garden

It was even bigger than I thought because when I started biking away I saw more.

I returned to the ocean (the Straight of Juan de Fuca) just east of Port Angeles.

The smell of the ocean was very refreshing and temporarily displaced the smell of smoke.

I passed over the Elwha River

I was able to get to my destination, the campground on the west end of Lake Crescent using low traffic roads and hiker/biker trails.

I arrived at the east end of the lake to find it smoky as well. Luckily there is a breeze.

The “trail” turns into a true hiker trail that required some caution escorting my bike.

I made it to camp at the same time a bicycle touring couple was arriving.

Donna and Bob left Prosperity, South Carolina in May, toured the South then headed north to Montana then west to Washington. They’ve logged 4,537 miles so far. They are on their third tent, Bob is on his second bike and they’ve had tube, tire, wheel and chain issues, but they’re still pedaling!

I found my campsite and am ready for dinner and bed

Thanks for reading!

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