Aug 18: Back in the saddle! From La Conner to Port Townsend (46.8 miles)

I slept in a bit while Jack prepared a breakfast of bacon, fresh blueberries from René’s garden and a Dutch Baby (puffy pancake)

After a big meal, it was time for me to resume biking south. It was very hard to leave La Conner after all the hospitality I received here!

Today I’ll be biking over the Deception Pass Bridge onto Whidby Island, south to Coupeville/Keystone where I’ll catch a ferry to Port Townsend and camp ay Fort Watson State Park

I biked across the Deception Pass bridge, the same one I cruised under a few nights back.

It did not take long to find myself riding with a large group of bicyclers that were participating in the “Tour de Whidby” event. I stopped at a refresh booth and they were happy to give me some of their goods! Such friendly people.

The route passed along West Beach Rd. Which really needs to be renamed to West Bluff Rd. Due to all the hills. I survived them though and stopped for lunch at the “Knead and Feed Bakery” in Coupeville.

Before I knew it I rounded s corner and was at the just arriving ferry from Port Townsend.

It was a nice ride across the Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend, which is a really cool looking town.

On my way through the city I found the street market in full swing with crafts, food and live music. I had an early dinner of homemade grilled sausages and headed over to the Fort Worden State Park. I snagged a bicycle only campsite with trees and a picnic table. Sweet!

The beach next to me looks out towards the southern end of Whidby Island.

Tomorrow I will decide if I am heading south through Bremerton or west around the Olympic Peninsula. There are trade offs I have to think about.

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