June 22: Zero Day in Etna!

Today I get to kick back, purchase resupply food, eat, drink and chat with fellow hikers and Etna-ians. Nice!

I spent the morning and early afternoon updating this blog site. I was way, way behind!

I met up with a hiker my age from Bavaria, Germany, trail named Picasso (so-named for his colorful head bandana), and we agreed to hike out together. We’ll be shooting for getting up early, hiking 20-25 mile days, and finding a camping spot by 5-6pm.

After inspecting my clothes after laundry, I have to say that I’m very with my pants this year– the are holding up very well. In years past the seat and rear pocket stitching was worn through by sitting on rocks and trees. I’ve had to use duct tape my pants together to not moon the hikers behind me!

The pants I’m using are the Kühl Renegade Convertible. The only complaint I have, and I think I’ll post this on the REI product comments, is the front cargo pockets. They are nice looking, not too bulgy to make me look like a photographer or that scary person that hands out at the local 7-11, but the right one is nearly impossible to use. I am impressed that Kühl has created a pocket that resists inserting items into it almost as much as it resists releasing them.

There is a small divider in the pocket that effectively repulses any item that one tries to insert. Once you get it in, that same divider is extremely good at preventing getting anything out. Kinda like BofA.

That said, there is one stronger force: the attraction of an IPhone towards a water source easily allows it to escape the fabric confines of the Renegade.

I’m still loving the replacement shoes, Merrell Moab’s, if anybody cares.

I’ve worn out two pairs of socks so far, and have a third pair on the way out.

I’m also still doing fine with my no-stove plan. I’m not hot tired of the salami, cheese, Frito, cookie diet, but I really do enjoy town food!

Tomorrow I’ll go out for one more fresh breakfast then catch a lift to the trailhead and started hiking with Picasso.

Thanks for reading!

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