June 2: Middle Fork of the Feather River to Bucks Lake — PCT miles 1247 to 1261

I got up at first light to beat the heat to pack up and start pounding out the uphill miles. Hawkeye is sleeping in.

I soon come across a few other early morning walkers: the California Newt

I also came across some amorous millipedes

The other thing about early morning hiking is that I get to cleat the spider webs strung across the trail — usually with my head it seems. I started swinging one of my hiking poles up in front of me to clear them.

I’ve also developed the “skill” of flicking dead limbs off the trail to make it easier for the hikers behind me.

So, I imagine someone saw a Hiker with one pole swinging at the air in front of me and the other pole swinging side to side across the trail sending branches flying, they would stay clear. Maybe that’s why I hike alone a lot.

I stopped to take break on a large rock owned by a lizard. I expected him to run off as I sat down, but not this guy! He stuck around and did pushups to try and frighten me away!

I spotted some more dry climate flowers: Iris and Monkeyflower:

I also enjoyed seeing the bright green of mosses near seeps.

The trail was beautiful, even though it was up and rather warm. So much for my “clean” clothes.

I arrived at the road to Bucks Lake, and hiked down the road to the country store to buy my resupply food for the next leg. I was able to find what I need, but it was pricy.

The local lodge offers a free beer to PCT hikers, and I ordered a real dinner to with it. I could not finish the dinner.

Hawkeye arrived after a while and we decided to share a lodge room. Hot showers and sink laundry!

Also staying at the lodge was this extended family that invited me to come sit and talk with them as they cooked dinner.

I warned them that I would probably not remember names, and after a few glasses of wine they provided me, the fate was sealed.

We had a wonderful evening talking about this and that and me answering questions about PCT hikers. Wonderful family!

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