Tuesday, May 9 — day 44

PCT mile 635.33 to 652.00 

I forgot to show you as historical, cultural artifact next to where we camped: a Native American mortero where acorns were ground.  This is as particularly interesting because there are few Oak trees in this area now.

Today Medic and I will hike down from our current ridge, across a flattish mesa and then down, down, down to Walker Pass. When we were literally out of the woods we got a great view of the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains 

I was bombarded with flowers today – many I have already posted previously, but they are so pretty I will show some fresh sots

I also saw views of the devastation tha five years of drought has caused – lots of dead trees in these mountains 

Many are keeping the trail maintainers quite busy.

When I got all the way down to Walker Pass I ran into Hannah and Carley– two PCT hikers turned Trail Angels!  They had fresh Pizza and cold sodas!  I love these ladies!

As I was finishing my lunch two local drove up and introduced themselves and asked if Medic and I were PCT hikers.  We replied and introduced ourselves and were surprised to find out these guys were our local contact Greg Watson and his hiking buddy Dan.  Greg saw me as he parked but told Dan “No, that can’t be Dale, he’s heavier and has less of a beard”. 🙂

Greg gave Medic and I the full tour of Ridgecrest. Including a trip to the local mountaineering supply for more socks ( they keep wearing out)

And then to a local hotel for a shower and laundry run.  I had to dress in my long rain gear to walk down the street in 80 plus degree weather to buy beer for Martin and I.  No dory seemed to care.

Greg and Kathy Watson took us to dinner and fed us well!  They are such kind people!

We were then returned to our hotel feeling the oncoming food coma and ready for bed.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 9 — day 44”

  1. Dale, You and Medic look great !!! Happy, Healthy and ready to go !!! Keep up the great work and Thank You for sharing your Adventure. 2018 can’t come quick enough !!!

    Safe travels



  2. Dale, such a pleasure to meet you and Medic, and to spend time with both of you. Next time, I’ll know it’s possible to lose weight and grow a beard longer after hiking 651 miles!

    Some tidbits about your scenery photo showing snow-covered peaks:
    Mount Whitney is at the exact center of the photo. Mount Langley (another “fourteener”) is a little further to the right. Olancha Peak is much further to the right.

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