Saturday, April 29 — day 34

PCT mile 471.42 to 478.23

Today I had originally planned to log another 20 miles and get a jump on the last uphill these mountains have to offer.

I was persuaded by the lure of Casa De Luna, however… It is the celebrated Hippy PCT overnight stop where they feed you all you can eat pancakes and coffee for breakfast and taco salad for dinner.  

A largish (8) group of hikers left Hiker Heaven just before me and camped near me last night. This morning as some of them passed me they were all talking about how cool Casa De Luna is… And it is still early enough to get breakfast today, if we can hitch a ride.  

So, in the interest of getting the complete PCT experience, and since the snow in the Sierras is still not melting away, I decided to visit Casa de Luna.

I did get coffee and pancakes! The laziness hit me immediately after I donned my Hawaiian shirt. We walked to the market to get Chocolate Shakes.  
The shake was awesome! The rest of the day was spent sitting in the driveway on sofas and chairs with about 20 other PCTers, just chatting. Dinner was served outdoors so I only had to shuffle about 25 feet to get dinner. Each serving. It was simple, plain food, but I ate two and a half plates.

That pretty much was the whole day. At dusk we all sauntered off to our campsites.

We all slept in the huge backyard along a winding path thorough the Manzanita decorated with painted rocks. Every now and again there is a little alcove that fits a tent. 

I felt guilty for logging only six miles today, but I can say I have had a full experience.

Sorry for the short blog…

Thanks for reading!

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