Monday, May 1 — day 36

PCT mile 503.05 to 517.60

The pre-dawn bird chirping awoke me as usual and so I started packing.  I slept great last night, due in big part, I am sure, to yesterday’s long uphill workout.

Today I thought should be easy:  15 miles and 4,000 feet downhill to the Mojave Desert.  The PCT had a bit more of a workout planned for me….

Here’s the Mojave Desrt in the morning sun with the reflections not from lakes but from solar panels

The hike started nicely enough, passing through shady forests of Black Oaks carpeted with more Miners Lettuce than I have ever seen

The lichen growing on the trees was also very colorful

I also admired the handiwork of Acorn Woodpeckers on a piece of Oak  bark

I was surprised by how much more “up” these mountains could find for me to hike, but eventually I dropped down to a lower vegetation zone (Upper Sonoran) and finally the desert.

At the base of the mountains I encountered a small shady stream. It was nice and cool sitting in the shade and drinking copious amounts of fresh, cool water.  I just needed to be mindful of the Stinging Nettles.

Even after the trail wound through another four miles of dry desert hills as the morning turned to noontime.  It was hot and there was very little shade.  Luckily I had my sun-brella to help create my traveling shade.

Despite the arid heat, there were still many poppies in ones and twos but also in large bunches

At the lower elevation I also found this interesting but tiny flower

And this one

I finally reached my destination after the noon hour, the home of a local Trail Angel named HikerTown.  

The owner has created a number of small cottages, some of wood, some out of containers, some out of trailers, that he rents out for $10-$20 per night and makes them look like an old west town.  I scored my own trailer for the night

He provides sodas and beer for a small cost and drives up 4 miles to town for meal runs.  I did my laundry and took a much needed shower and then, while sitting in the shade, I updated blogs, chatted with fellow hikers, greeted new arrivals and said happy trails to people heading out.
Sleep came easy!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Monday, May 1 — day 36”

  1. Dear Dale I feel so proud of you and you show me about how strong can be the determination, because even if you are tired, if you felt cold, if your shoes are wet or almost frozen, even when your body say stop you take a deep breath an continue waking. I don’t have the words even in my language to say you how emocional, exciting, happy and proud I feel when I read you adventures. Thank you so much for share with us all your encounters with the great animals, the beautiful landscapes, the funny and curious things I enjoy to read everything you write, make me feel part of your adventure.
    With love


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