Thursday, April 20 — day 25

PCT mile 347.22 to 364.35

Today will be a challenging day: 15 miles,  5,000 feet uphill from desert to pines, and no water along the way.  Also, the spring at the intended campsite is reported to be not yet flowing :/
Here’s where I came from last night

And here’s where I’m going — near that snowy bit (Mt Baldy).

The trail was a continuous 15 miles uphill — not too steep but unrelenting.  I did not capture too many pictures as the first 11 miles was through yet another wicked burn area.

I did capture a nice photo of a Western Wall Flower

When I was a kid, we would all pile into the station wagon and drive into these very mountains on a dirt road to a place we affectionately called “our spot” on the mountain.  I hiked by a spot that could be that place, but who knows — I was surely close to it as this area is pretty small.  I recall that we always packed a lunch of pimento-cheese sandwiches and apple-filled oatmeal cookies on our trips.  Too bad this area was burned so badly, but it was still great to enjoy the nostalgia.

I eventually climb up and out of the burned area and into a beautifully forested, shaded an pine-scented forest with views of Mt Baldy

I reached Guffy campground around 3pm and pulled out my ground cloth and inflatable pad, took off my shoes and rested my feet (and back, and legs, and…).

A young gal who lives in Wrightwood happened by and we chatted about the area and trail.  She did not know where the local spring was, but she did have an extra coconut water drink she did not want.  Score!!  It was great!  I then started looking for the elusive Guffy Spring.  I texted with DoubleTap who manages the extremely vital online PCT Water report (  This page is updated by hikers and Angels who report on water conditions for those other hikers behind.  I’ve been actively reporting since day one and today I wanted to find out if Guffy Spring was still dry (as reported a week ago).  I was elated to find it was flowing after DoubleTap gave me directions on where to find it.  Yay!  This will be a relief to the surge of hikers behind me.  If you do visit the PCT Water site you may still find some reports by Dalem…

It was chilly up at this elevation and I celebrated my long day with a cup of hot cocoa, water, ginger snaps, raisins and the last of the Fritos.  I set up the tent, as the wind was picking up and it is cold at this elevation, and climbed in as the sun was setting.

Tomorrow I’ll hike a few miles to Hwy 2 where I will hitch a ride to Wrightwood, get a real breakfast, and meet up with Liz!

Thanks for reading!

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