April 1 – day 6 — Zero Day in Julian

Today was a guilty pleasure!  I spent the day sitting on the porch of the historic boarding room I rented reading the “History of Julian” enjoying the morning and afternoon sun.

I minimized my walking by only venturing out for dinner to give my feet a rest.

Julian seems to be known for its pies.  People were lined up ten deep in front of Momma’s and the Julian Pie Store. I guess I should have indulged…  

IMHO, the best dinner place based on my micro survey is Romano’s Italian Restaurant.  I met two great couples there- one couple building their dream house and the other getting a weekend break from their six kids(!).  People here are so nice and great to chat with.
Tonight, I prepped for my early start tomorrow.  I packed lunch into the hip pockets of my packed, checked the PCT Water report 😊, topped off my Water bottles, and recharged my battery pack, my GPS unit and my phone.  I applied Leuko Tape to the hotspots on my feet (apologies if you find this unpleasant)

It was only in taking this picture tat I noticed I had another blister 😞.  More tape…

My goal is to get up early, shower, eat a quick breakfast and hitchhike down to the trailhead about 13 miles east of here.  Lets hope I have good at charms tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “April 1 – day 6 — Zero Day in Julian”

  1. Hi Dale,
    by the time of this writing you are already 1 week out there.
    It’s really nice of you to share your trip with us. Keep it coming, so we can keep an eye on you.
    Hike on!


  2. Ouch! Hope your feet got enough rest, and that the next part of the hike isn’t too painful. I really enjoy reading the updates. Take care!


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