March 28 – day 2. Learning about the word “Crest”

Mile 20.00 to 33.57

I’ve been hiking with a retiree from Michigan named Dave. He hikes a bit faster than me but has about the same daily distance capacity. So far, we are hiking buddies.

We were serenaded at Lake Morena overnight by a few owls, a pack of coyotes and later a dozen wild turkeys. It would have been something if the ey had all run into each other!  I awoke at sunrise and my tent was frozen. I slept very warm so was surprised the brief rain had turned to ice. I packed it up wet knowing there would be plenty of sun to dry out later.

We needed to get an early start because today will be hot and it is all uphill – 3,000 feet of uphill over the next 20 miles! The “Crest” in PCT means this Trail tries to hit every high spot along the series of mountain ranges in CA, OR and WA. That means a lot of up and down really starting today!

We were surprised by two stream fords in the morning. The first we opted to walk across the road bridge. The second was more remote, so we took off our shoes and socks and walked across. I’m always a bit reluctant to go through the hastle of taking off my shoes to cross a stream but always delighted once done!

We refilled with water at Kitchen Creek which was roaring. Many people were here dayhiking and swimming- is this really the desert?

Yes, it is really the desert — the temperature rose to 88•F. We hiked until dusk and finally reached a flat camping spot near Long Valley Creek.  We nibbled at dinner, set up tents and crashed. My feet are so sore and I am exhausted!  
Still excited to be doing this crazy trip!

Thanks for reading!

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