Trail Angels are awesome!

Tomorrow I start hiking at The PCT Southern Terminus, but getting started would be a bit of a problem if it weren’t for the help of family and Trail Angels.

Liz, of course, has been a huge supporter, advisor and confidant.  She’s taking care of timely mailing of my resupply packages, monitoring my progress while taking on all my home duties.

My Dad and stepmom collected me from the San Diego airport, drove me around to get fuel (can’t fly with it, no coffee without it).  They then dropped me off at the San Diego home of Trail Angels Scout and Frodo.

Scout was on the Pacific Crest Trail Association Board and both he and Frodo are passionate about the beauty and importance of the trail.  They open their house to up to 20 hikers _per day_, domestic and international, and help them get started.  They do this from March-May every year.  They will collect hikers from the airport, direct them to local stores, feed everyone dinner, provide a place to sleep, feed us breakfast and shuttle us the 1 1/2 hits to the trailhead!  All with no obligation except to share their love of the trail.
Dinner was great with fresh fruit dessert!  Sleeping arrangements are 3 large tents in the back yard:

But there’s one more place to sleep… up in that tree!  That’s where I’ll be tonight!  How cool is that!  Here’s the view from my bed.

There are 6 others starting PCT hikes tomorrow.  We get up at 5am, eat breakfast, drive out and hit the trail by 7:30.

Right now the worries of what I may have forgotten to bring are fading — I’ll find out soon enough!  Now my concerns are about weather (reports are for gusty winds tomorrow) and how long it will be until I develop my routine – what goes in what pocket, staging lunch for the day so I don’t have to dig through the food bag, etc.

I’m ready though, so I think I’ll go through all my gear just one more time before I go to sleep…

Thanks for reading!

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