Planning and worrying…

Welcome to my first blog! I am one week away from the start of my Pacific Crest Trail Section hike where I intend to hike from the Southern Terminus in Campo, Ca to the Cottonwood Lakes Campground, some 750 miles away.

I have been mentally preparing for this journey for many months by pouring over maps, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos from past PCT’ers, joining Facebook and email groups, and developing meal and daily mileage plans. Not surprisingly, I still have questions, concerns and late-night worries: what will the snow conditions be on Fuller Ridge near San Jacinto Peak? Do I need crampons instead of micro-spikes? Do I need an ice axe or whippet pole? What about the trail conditions getting to Big Bear? How do I structure my resupply’s? How do I find and communicate with Trail Angels along the way? Etc., etc., etc.

I keep reminding myself that while concern is good, worry is useless, likely detrimental. I will figure this all out with the help of others that I have not yet met.

I have analyzed, packed and unpacked everything multiple times. I have struggled with decisions of what to bring and what to leave. I have finally settled on what I will bring:


All the above includes 4 full days of meals, but no water and no fuel.  It weighs in at just under 25 pounds.  I am very happy with that weight — I was sporting 40+ pound packs on my last few long distance hikes!

Here’s a link to another view of what I will be bringing and wearing: my Lighter Pack page.

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