May 27: White Rock Creek PCT to Lasier Meadow Trail at PCT mile 1182 (15 miles)

Today I’ve been thinking that my next adventure will be keeping tropical fish.

I woke up to clear skies- it will be nice to have a day without rain. Unfortunately, it was not to be a day without snow. It was great having footprints to follow but the continual slipping, twisting,sliding

and postholing really wears me down. Even so, I’m glad to be on the trail… but seriously, I need to look into Tropical Fish.

After noon, and only about 6 miles progress, the elevation was dropping and the trail was staying on south-facing snow free slopes.

Things are looking up! I’m seeing flowers: Phlox, Wall Flower, unknown but unusual, more Wall Flower, Mule Ears and Snow Plant.

And some pretty Lichen

I was able to dry my gear

And my feet

And the most hopeful sign of all:

I also ran into Dome fungus growing on a downed log that resembled toasted marshmallows– S’Mores anyone?

Overall things are looking better as is my mood.

Thanks for reading!